The Collective Power of Women
Voters in the Midterm Election

The 51-organization strong Women Are Voting coalition, led by Supermajority, contacted more than 33 million women voters in critical states ahead of election

November 9, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C.Women Are Voting, a nationwide coalition of 51 organizational partners focused on mobilizing women to vote led by Supermajority, released the following statement after Election Day:

“While we await the final results from Election Day, one thing is certain: Women voters matter. Women collectively are the largest voting bloc — this year women registered to vote in record numbers and showed up in droves. Together, the Women Are Voting organizational partners joined forces to connect with more than 33 million voters, including many first time and infrequent voters, to talk to them about the issues that they care about and to give them the information they need to cast a ballot. We sent text reminders, wrote handwritten letters, knocked on doors, reached out to loved ones and strangers alike because we knew what was at stake and we knew what could happen when we came together to vote as one. And that is what we did yesterday.

“We launched Women Are Voting as a rallying cry — as a promise and a threat to our elected leaders. Women are our country’s greatest hope for change, and this year our bodies and freedoms and futures were literally on the ballot. And we made sure to fight for them.

“This is just the beginning — Election Day is an expression of our collective political power, and the collective power of women voters is only getting stronger. Women Are Voting will continue to build a multiracial, multi generational community of women to remind our country that women are voting in this election and every election. Women are voting to hold our lawmakers accountable and for a government that truly represents us and respects us. We’ll keep voting and organizing until we realize the future we deserve.”


Women Are Voting is a coalition of organizations that focus on the issues women care about. We’re coming together using our shared values to demonstrate how powerful women are when we vote together. Women are the largest voting bloc, and it’s time we’re seen that way. To learn more, visit www.womenarevoting.com.

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