Women Are Voting

Women Are Voting is a coalition of organizations that focus on the issues that women care about. We’re coming together using our shared values to demonstrate how strong women are when we vote together. Women are the largest voting bloc and it’s time we’re seen that way!

Women Are Voting Because
Elections Determine:

  • Abortion Access
  • Our Economy
  • Family Leave
  • Child Care
  • Climate Policy
  • The Freedom to Vote
  • Security for Our Families

Policymakers are making crucial decisions right now that affect each and everyone one of us, so let’s remind them that women are the most powerful voting bloc in this country. And we are casting our ballots this year.

When we vote together, we’re unstoppable.

Vote Your Power.
Vote Your Freedom.

Women are the majority of people in this country. We are a driving force of the economy. We serve on the frontlines. We are the backbone of our families.

Women are our country’s greatest hope for change. And in 2022, Women Are Voting.