Women Are Voting Voted!

6 months. 51 partner organizations. More than 33 million voters contacted. One community that is unstoppable.

We talked to our family and texted with strangers.

We hung out on late night Zoom calls and cleared our weekend to phone bank with Megan Rapinoe.

We knocked on doors and showed the world that pink is political.

We pledged, we planned, and we voted.

Our freedoms and our bodies were on the ballot. The stakes were high, but we took our collective power to the polls.

Women voted, and we will keep on voting until our government truly represents and respects us.


Meet Our Partners

Women Are Voting uses an expansive definition of women. We are committed to ensuring trans and cisgender women, gender nonbinary people, and anyone who has been marginalized due to their gender have the tools to harness our power and flex our collective might at the ballot box – because together we are unstoppable.

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